MOHAIR – a luxury fiber

Do you know the difference between Mohair and Angora?  A simple sounding question, but one fiber is from a goat while the other is from a rabbit and both animals are called Angora!

Once reserved for royalty, mohair may have gotten it’s name from an Arabic word for goat’s hair fabric “mukhayyar” and the distinction between Angora Goat and Angora Rabbit was clarified by the Fair Products Labeling Act (1951).  The word Mohair is only to be used for the hair from the Angora Goat.

Texas is the top U.S. producer of mohair and recently, I had the opportunity to meet up with some beautiful Texas angora goats, hope you enjoy the pictures.

Renewable and Luxury!

Mohair is a long fiber that accepts dye very well and it is easy to find rich and vibrantly colored fabrics, yarns, and fibers.  While pure Mohair will not shrink or felt, it is typically blended with sheep wool to make the products more affordable and those products will shrink with various results.  Mohair can be found in suiting, coat, knit, boucle´and novelty weave fabrics as well as carpets, upholstery, and draperies.  It adds luster and the ability to shed wrinkles.

National Make It With Wool is proud to be a partner with the Mohair Council of America in the promotion of the use of Mohair fibers, fabrics, and yarns.  Each year, from the National Junior and Senior Make It With Wool contestants, the Mohair Council awards a cash prize for the best use of Mohair in a garment.  Stay tuned for pictures from Denver in a few weeks.