I N S P I R A T I O N !

The 2016 National Make It With Wool Contestants enjoyed warm, sunny Arizona weather and the beautiful grounds at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort.  Free time found many lounging in the sun, using the pool, photographing interesting  desert vegetation, exploring the nearby shopping area, and tasting new foods.  But those experiences can be duplicated in many places . . . Make It With Wool seeks out ways to make the competition days unique, inspiring, and memorable.  Happily there was a destination perfectly aligned to help out.

The Phoenix Art Museum, just a short ride from the Scottsdale Plaza Resort was the only North American site for the stunning fashion exhibit “The White Shirt According to Me:  Gianfranco Ferre´”  (November 4, 2015 – March 6, 2016).

Mr. Ferre´was an Italian fashion designer and part of the influential generation of Italian designers which included Versace and Armani.  He trained as an architect at Milan Polytechnic and was known for his impeccable construction of classic garments from luxurious materials.  Ferre´also spent time as the Artistic Director of Christian Dior (1989-1997).

One of Mr. Ferre´’s ongoing explorations involved the woman’s white shirt, which he “liked to think was a universal term that each woman may ‘pronounce’ as she prefers . . .”.  The 27 garments in the exhibit were arranged in chronological order (1982 to 2006) and suspended from the ceiling allowing them to be viewed from all sides.  Additional display cases provided insight into the designer’s mind with technical drawings, runway photos, and editorial images.  The exit from the gallery was lined with x-ray photos of several of the shirts in the exhibit.

A trip to see a display of one designer’s work is eye candy and inspiration for a long time . . . .