One amazing contest!

Make It With Wool is a unique competition opportunity for people willing to work with wool fabrics, yarns, and fibers.  Check the web page of Participating States to see if your state of residency is part of our family.

For anyone in a state without a contest, I encourage you to contact your state wool producers and growers group and let them know of your interest in competing.  While the national organization of American Sheep Industry Women oversees all the contests and provides the National Level of competition, the state contests are self-governing.  Your expressed interest does not guarantee the state will begin a contest.

States with contests do pay an annual fee to American Sheep Industry Women, have a State Director (sometimes District and/or Assistant Directors as well), provide a place for their annual competition, award prizes to contestants, and promote their contest.  Many states provide transportation for their top Junior and Senior to attend and compete at Nationals.

Make It With Wool is a volunteer organization that exists to promote the beauty and versatility of wool, encourages personal creativity, and aids in developing life skills.  There are age divisions as well as open classes sanctioned but not required by National Make It With Wool.

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