Directors in the News

Our State Directors bring a wealth of skills to the Make It With Wool Program.  Their secret lives add a dimension to every state contest and it is a pleasure to announce some well deserved congratulations to . . .

. . . Arizona Director, Rali Burleson for having a beautiful wool coat she created pictured in the November 2016 issue of Threads.  Look at the Reader’s Closet page 73 to see it.  Threads magazine is a great friend of Make It With Wool and fine sewers everywhere — this issue also has pages of inspiring articles.  Pick up a copy of issue #187 or visit to subscribe.

. . . Brandy Kay, Idaho Director for her recent job promotion.  A nice write-up appeared in the August 2016 issue of Sheep Industry News, a monthly magazine by the American Sheep Industry Association.

. . . New England Region Director, Andrea Colyer and her husband in the June 2016 issue of Sheep Industry News.  Read about their journey into raising Merino sheep – visit and click on the magazine.


Threads Issue 187
   Threads Issue 187
Sheep Industry News
Sheep Industry News

Brother International, a great partner!

No program can exist very long without dedicated leaders and in the case of the Make It With Wool Contest — exceptional donors.  Working with a limited grant budget makes the impact of donations very significant.  Many have witnessed the lasting impressions the contestants take away.  Even years after competing, participants will recall the positive influence Make It With Wool had on their life.  More than ‘just’ a sewing competition, Make It With Wool provides unique educational experiences, travel, and a built-in network of sewing buddies.

Brother International is one of National Make It With Wool’s donor partners.  Brother has provided sewing machines to be awarded to some of the top winners each year during the Fashion Show.  Set aside some time to wander through their extensive website You will find information about all their amazing machines and products as well as excellent information and DIY projects.  They are a main sponsor of Project Runway (season 15 is coming soon!) and many sewing shows.  A very HUGE Thank You for investing in Make It With Wool contestants.

Nestled on sheep pelts, two amazing Brother Sewing Machines
Nestled on sheep pelts, two amazing Brother Sewing Machines — wait to be awarded during National Make It With Wool Finals.  Scottsdale, 2016.